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Beach :
Pirate's Cove
City :
Newport Beach

Location / Directions :

Newport Harbor
18712 University Drive
Irvine, CA 92612-2601
(949) 923-2250 or (949) 923-2248

This is only for your general information and in no case be used for navigation!

Newport Harbor is located about 17.5 nautical miles south of the Los Alamitos entrance to Long Beach Harbor and 64 nautical miles northwest of Point Loma. It is a dredged lagoon fronted by a 3 mile peninsula with the harbor entrance at the east end. There are two piers seaward of the peninsula, the Newport Pier extends 800 feet and the 950 foot Balboa Pier is 2.8 nautical miles west of the west jetty.  Prominent features include the tall office buildings 1.4 miles north of the harbor entrance, Memorial Hospital from the south of the entrance, .3 miles N of the turning basin (which is at the west end of the harbor) and 4 miles NE of the channel entrance.

Phone :

(949) 644-3309

EMail :

Description :

Newport Harbor has been acclaimed as one of the finest small boat harbors in the world. In addition, Newport Harbor and its surrounding shoreline is a place of beauty and scenic wonder... wind blown bluffs, sandy beaches, rocky coves and numerous islands from the harbor outline. Two jetties stand as sentries against the encroaching sea. Two main channels join and converge towards the harbor mouth. Over 9,000 boats are berthed in this well protected harbor. Quiet bay beaches line the length of the inside channel while endless surf pounds the oceanfront.

Newport Harbor is as functional as it is beautiful. Boat slips line much of the shoreline and midchannel anchorage is also available. All size recreational and commercial boats can be accommodated, from the smallest of rowboats to large luxury yachts. Private homes, from beach houses to estates, follow the harbor's contour. Spreading fan-like out from the harbor's edge is the City of Newport Beach.

Upper Newport Bay: Upper Newport Bay consists of marshlands, small sandbars, saltflats and sheer cliffs. This portion of Newport Bay has been left in its natural state to serve as a bird sanctuary and fishery habitat. An encircling pathway and a bike trail provide scenic vistas and quiet moments away from the normal hustle and bustle of Newport Harbor.

Activities :

Surfing, Swimming and Fishing

Dogs :

Facilities :

Activities :

Lifeguards, surfing, fishing

Parking :

Links :

Orange County Marine Refuge Project