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Beach :
Old Man's Beach / Trestles / The Point / Dogpatch
City : San Clemente

Location :

Located between San Onofre SB and San Onfore Surf Beach is San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) provides nearly 20-percent of the power to more than 15-million people in Southern California.
The beach is three miles south of San Clemente on I-5 (Basilone Road.) 3036 acres.; 100' elevation
Locals divide San Onofre into three main breaks: the Point, Old Man's and Dogpatch. All work best on a strong south swell. If you must bring a shortboard to San O', which, by the way, is the equivalent of bringing a longboard to Teahupoo, the Point would be your best bet. The Point is located directly in front of the northernmost parking spot. On a head-high southwest swell, there are some relatively fast lefts (fast in San Onofre terms) and even a section or two to hit if you get lucky. Rights are far more predominant and can be milked with a funboard or longboard. During winter, the Point often shuts down.

With a 15-minute paddle to the south of Point, you'll find yourself in the surfing world's equivalent to the movie Cocoon. Here at Old Man's, geezers rule and grommets learn. The wave rolls off a padded reef some 200- to 400-yards offshore and is mushier than a bowl of cream of wheat. A longboard that'd float Shaquille O'Neal is the weapon of choice and surfing etiquette does not apply. In fact, it's not uncommon to see 10 people on a wave during the summer, nor is it rare to see lawn chairs and dogs brought on board.

Just south of Old Man's is Dogpatch. It's ideal for beginners if the swell is up and they cannot make the paddle out to Old Man's. On a high tide, Dogpatch breaks in slow motion and is second to Doheny as Orange County's easiest wave to learn on.

Access :

Six dollars at the gate. Get there early on the summer weekends. There's a maximum occupancy and lines to get in can be long.

Information :

(949) 492-4165

Hours :

Parking :

Six dollars at the gate. Get there early on the summer weekends. There's a maximum occupancy and lines to get in can be long.

Description :

San Onofre State Beach features 3.5-miles of sandy beaches with six access trails cut into the bluff above. The campground is along Old Highway 101 adjacent to the sandstone bluffs. The beach is popular with swimmers and surfers. The park includes a marshy area where San Mateo Creek meets the shoreline and Trestles Beach, a well-known California surfing site. Whales, dolphins and sea lions can be seen offshore from time to time. The park’s coastal terrace is chaparral-covered.
San Onofre includes San Onofre Surf Beach - a day use facility, San Mateo campground and day use facility, and a Nature Trail that starts at San Mateo Canyon and leads to San Mateo State Preserve/ Trestles Beach
Trestles Beach is regarded as one of the premiere surf breaks in the United States. Many would say the best in San Diego County

Activities :

Beach Wheelchair, Family Campsites, Fishing, Group Campsites, Hiking Trails


San Clemente, seven miles away


Parking, RV Dump Station, Shower

History :

Orange County Marine Refuge Project