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Beach : T-Street
City : San Clemente

Location :

The Trafalgar Street bridge/walkway looms out from the bluffs and stairs lead to a good boogie-boarding beach. Surfers ride waves here only when the black ball flag is not flying.

Access :

The Trafalgar Street bridge/walkway and stairs leads to T-Beach

Information :

(949) 492-4165

Hours :

Parking :

Description :

T-Street is consistantly one of the most popular surf breaks in San Clemente. T-Street is one of the most consistent breaks in South Orange County. There's almost always a wave to ride at T-Street. A nearshore reef helps waves break with better shape than most of the beachbreaks in town. During periods of smaller surf and higher tides, waves take shape on the outer reef before breaking on the shallow inside sandbar. During periods of larger surf, the reef forms a peak that breaks all the way into shore. The quality of the rights & lefts off the reef depend greatly on swell direction and size. During summer months, surfing is allowed only during the morning and evening hours.

Activities :

Boogie-Boarding, Surfing



Metered parking
BBQ Rings/Fire Rings
Children's Play Area
Drinking Fountains
Ocean View
Picnic Area with tables
Drinking Fountains
Picnic Area with tables
Food Consessions

History :

Orange County Marine Refuge Project