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Beach : Baby Beach
City : Dana Point

Location :

Dana Point Harbor
34551 Puerto Place
Dana Point, CA 92629

Access :

This small stretch of beach is located in Dana Point Harbor next to the Dana Point Youth and Group Facility.

Information :

There are no waves at this beach due to the protective jetty that guards the harbor.
Swimming in any part of the harbor except the swim area is extremely dangerous and illegal. Check with the lifeguard if you are uncertain of where to swim.
Baby beach has a marked swim area that is marked by a buoy line. This swim area will change in size depending on the tides. It is very important to stay within the swim area at all times. This area is designed to protect swimmers from boat traffic, and to mark a dangerous drop-off. Beyond the boundary of the swimming area, the bottom drastically drops off into deep water. Small children are especially vulnerable to this drop off and should always be supervised.
The jetty can also be a dangerous place. Large swells can break over the top of the jetty and wash unsuspecting walkers or fishermen off. When there are large waves, the sign at the base of the jetty will advise that it is closed. Even if you do not observe breaking waves, never assume the jetty is completely safe to venture onto. Rouge waves may be the reason for the jetty closure. The sea walls are another hazard that should be kept clear. It is possible to fall off these walls into the deep water of the harbor.

Hours :


Parking :

Close by parking lots

Description :

There are no waves at this beach due to the protective jetty that guards the harbor.
Located in southern Orange County, and owned by the County of Orange, Dana Point Harbor is approximately half way between Los Angeles and San Diego. It is bordered by the cities of Dana Point, Laguna Niguel and Laguna Beach to the north, San Juan Capistrano to the east, and San Clemente to the south.

The Harbor houses 2,500 yachts within its two marinas, inside a one-and-a-half mile jetty. Complete harbor facilities include: over 50 specialty shops and restaurants; guest slips; a fuel dock; shipyard; launch ramp; boat rentals; yacht sales; community class instruction for all ages; fishing; windsurfing; jet skiing; kayaking; boat charters; two yacht clubs; sailing association; the Ocean Education Center; picnicking and a baby beach for young swimmers. Map of the area is attached.
Panoramic views abound in the natural cove that author and seaman Richard Henry Dana called, "The only romantic spot on the coast." Dana landed here during the hide trading days of the 1830's and described the charm of the steep cliff cove in his renowned book, TWO YEARS BEFORE THE MAST. In the days of the square rigged sailing ships, the rugged cove was known as BAHIA CAPISTRANO and was the major port between San Diego and Santa Barbara. It seemed only natural that this scenic cove was destined to become one of the most beautiful recreational harbors on the west coast.

Activities :

Picnics, Barbeques and Swimming as well as walking, shopping and dining


Food of nearly all kinds close by with restaurants abounding in this harbor area, from snacks to full fledged dinners.


The beach has a restroom and shower facilities as well as a park area with picnic tables and barbeques. A full-scale replica of The Pilgrim, which is the vessel sailed by Richard Henry Dana when he discovered Dana Point, is anchored off the beach in the basin and is a major tourist attraction. There is also a fishing pier and snack bar a short distance from the beach. The Dana Point Marine Institute is located at the base of the jetty and provides information on the marine habitat and history of Dana Point.

History :

Orange County Marine Refuge Project